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Caversham Bridge, Caversham, Reading

Helping you with probate and administrative estate

When someone passes, their property, possessions and money must be dealt with. At such a difficult time, it’s understandable that you’d need someone to help share the burden of this, taking care of the administration and giving you clear advice and assistance. Harrison’s Solicitors offer a comprehensive probate service, guiding you through the process and making the whole thing as easy to deal with as possible.

Whether the deceased has left a will to name you as the main executor, or if there is no will at all, you can count on us for all the information you need to know. Visit us in Reading, Woodley or Caversham to find out more.

What we can do for you

  • Check the will to confirm the executor and apply for a grant of representation
  • Help the next of kin apply for a grant of representation if there is no will
  • Advise on any inheritance tax due before assets can be collected
  • Advise on any unpaid bills or outstanding debts left by the deceased
  • Distribute the estate (property, possessions and money) accordingly

If a will has been left

If a will has been left naming you as an executor then you can apply for a grant of representation. This will enable you to handle the estate. If more than one executor is named, no executor has been named or even if the named executor is unable to apply then we can help you.

If a will has not been left

In some cases, there will be no will detailing who the deceased wished to take over their estate. Usually the next of kin can still apply for probate but there are various rules governing this which we can talk you through.

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Additional details:

Let us take some of the stress out of probate and administrative estate. Call on:

Reading: 0118 959 8974
Woodley: 0118 944 8898
Caversham: 0118 947 9535